Didn’t quite understand how this process of having an enemy has come to my senses. There are times when you just have to stand up and say stop for whatever it is that could suppress you to the wrong and discomfort.

In my whole life, I never had an enemy before. I usually am the happy go lucky type. I laugh at problems and I’m never left alone. I may have grown up having a broken family but they’ve always been so supportive. My grandma gave me the best love and I’m always grateful. I grew up having my two sisters around and they’ve always been there for me all my life. I usually have fights with them but they would kill anybody who would dare fight with me, also one of the reasons why I never tell them my troubles.

I’m a bit social and I’m a bit quiet, a little narcissistic and a little selfless too. I maybe stubborn or maybe I just prefer to do things my way. I’ve lots of friends and there are only few that I could really trust. I never try to please people but I wish for them to like me as well. I didn’t want to have enemies at all. But sometimes, you just can’t expect everybody to like you.

I have been working for five years in a company and I know that one person here, didn’t like me from the very beginning. I have always been aware of that just by the way he treats me from others but I never really let it affect me, not until now. I always try to be able to do my work with the best of my abilities but sometimes when one person isn’t cooperating, it may hinder you from bringing out what you’ve got with the best of its quality. Just by this reason I know that I haven’t been able to perform well to one of the projects I handled from the past and I know that I only have myself to blame because just now I realize this person who is supposed to be my support in doing this project sees me as a rival more than an ally by the way he dropped his words when we had a fight this week. And that I know now that I cannot trust him anymore. I could have been aware of what he has been thinking all those times and that I could have done something better.

Having a fight with a colleague would really trigger you to think to leave the company and worst this colleague has threatened you to something you could never really expect that he can say as a human being. Maybe they think that I would be threatened and scared and would deliberately leave the company but they must have misjudged me. I cannot be threatened by anybody especially when I know I’m standing on the right side. They can say whatever they want and I’d take all those criticisms and threats as an inspiration for me to do more in the future and thanks to him that I’m aware now that he sees me as a rival and I accept that challenge.

I am also aware that some people have been affected by this and with the sincerest of my apology; I never really want them to be in it. I know that there will be consequences and I’m preparing myself for whatever it is that’s coming my way. And for whatever reason I believe justice will soon prevail, it may not be the results that I wanted but there will be better things that would come around. I still trust in good things.

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