XFactor’s Craziest!!!

Do you remember her?

Shirlena Johnson

During 2010 Auditions, her act put us all in astonishment to where we can’t stop laughing. I thought Simon was gonna say no but for a very quite unique performance she had two yeses from Simon and Louis. For me as an audience, that credulous act gives me that aggravate longing to see her perform again. Yes, she did make it to the next round but she wasn’t there at the boot camp. I searched for her over the internet to know why. Having to act in a disparaging behaviour in front of a few thousand people; psychiatrists say that she must be put in a mental hospital for a treatment. And I was slightly disappointed because she’s one of the few I wanna see perform again.

Now for this year’s XFactor, meet

Goldie Cheung

I may say her performance is remarkably extreme! How normal it is to hear her sing a song only she can understand? How normal it is to go to the judges table to kinda have that seducible move (which for me is kinda funny) and place her one leg on Gary’s shoulders? hahaha. Having said that, she’s quite an interesting lady and I wanna see her perform again. With that behaviour, I think it’s no different than last year’s act Shirlena Johnson and I worry that I won’t be seeing her again at the boot camp instead we’ll be hearing from her in a mental institution.
BRAIN CHECK!!! I still have mine, thank goodness!

And here’s KELLY ROWLAND Imitating Goldie Cheung and the rest of the Judges Opinions hahaha


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