My Reaction to Tulisa’s Juvenility

how I love the way he compared Tulisa to Cheryl hahaha… what a laugh! I miss Cheryl Cole on the XFactor! Demmit Tulisa, If you lose your rag over someone pointing at you then you may have serious anger issues babe…. tsk tsk!!! hahaha! I’ve got to repeat this video 10X hahaha 🙂

Not that I am in favour of Cheryl but in my opinion, Cheryl could have done a better job… Cheryl never angered a contestant as they already are, she may have issues with Wagner from the past or battles from her decision over Gamu that’s because she was defending herself to what she thinks is fair…  And for Tulisa, clearly for me she started the fire, she was the one attacking the contestant… She already knows that the contestant’s not well and would probably rage up when triggered but still she pointed at him and angered him more! Talking about immature, yes I think Tulissa was the one who came out as immature for this reason…

But it looks to me like the show is scripted anyway! Thumbs up for the stage presentation!


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