I admire the Japanese People…

I just watched CNN yesterday afternoon and I just wanna blog this out ‘coz I keep thinking about it all night, I admire the Japanese people for being able to stay calm amidst the earthquake and tsunami that hit their country. I admire how disciplined they are. I’m just thinking, if something like that happened to my country it could have been worst however the way they handled that disaster, it seems like they are very well trained and disciplined.

They are now rebuilding their country and they’re recovering from that disaster more quickly than expected. I couldn’t help thinking that I saw houses, cars, ships being swept out like what I see in a movie which I never thought it could happen in real life how’s it going to be to boost to the economy to replace such things.

And for the nuclear energy I couldn’t help thinking that amidst those damages they were able to isolate it just for 3 days? It is so interesting and I admire them ‘coz for these worst case scenarios they were able to give quick response.

Japan having to rebuild their country looks easy for them from the Government to the People I really admire their characteristic of having such discipline, determination and calmness in the face of tragedy.


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