The hostility of someone I know!

Ohh well, pain is just a feeling of being hurt with someone we’ve learned to trust and if that trust is breached it suddenly wakes us up. I admit that I’ve been hurt, my feelings are part of me I’m only human the most important thing is I have come to know the real you.

And you are not the person I thought you are that caused me to trust you that much, I wouldn’t liked you if you haven’t been good to me at some point eventually it’s sad to know that you deceived me with all your lies and somehow I even regret being friends with you how I wish all those good things I told you I can take it back, how I wish I never said it ‘coz you don’t deserve it.. I’m not even going to lie shit about this I think your brains are crooked and you’re not that good babe, if you think that I’m forcing you to like me it’s a big laugh! Not me! Not ever! I’m just being good to you ‘coz I have so much respect for you I don’t even care whether or not people would like me, between the two of us I know I’m better.. And yes just so as I could mention my respect for you is gone now… I think you’ve misread me I suggest you go and get some help! I have no time for someone like you and to be quite honest your heart explosively ugly! lol


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