Ok let’s just blog about the top ten contestants and what I think about them arranged starting from my favorite act to the least.


1st Cher – Cher has always been my favorite among them all ‘coz as much as Cheryl can see herself in Cher when she was younger, I too can see myself in Cher. Cher basically is a child who does things not to please the people around her but basically to please herself and by doing this she does things her way, an expression where in she thinks she is cool and kinda don’t care of what others would think about her. She is the type of kid who’s motto might be “you either love me and hate” and she don’t care as long as she’s happy doing the things she’s doing.


Basically, I can see that Cher has that boyish habit which is a sign that she eventually likes to wear baggy stuff to make her feel comfortable and be the person she ought to be and doesn’t care of what others think of her feminity ‘coz she is 100% sure of who she is and what she likes.

Personally for me, on the performance level, I think Cher is the best among all the contestants ‘coz she can sing, dance and rap as well and to add it up she is beautiful and young too.


2nd TreyC – Too bad that TreyC didn’t make it on the final 8 ‘coz she’s my second favorite, well for me I admire TreyC during the Judges houses how she accepted the fact that she was eliminated and just cried herself out that time I felt like crying with her if only she could have been picked but hey my wish came true eventually ‘coz she is Cheryl’s wildcard after all.


And upon performances, I favorite her even more for having the best high tone voice among them all. They say she can’t bring out an identity on the table because she is versatile well I guess that is an identity now wasn’t it… I felt bad that she’s been voted out now but if ever this girl releases an album, I’d sure be one of the many who will be buying her albums.


3rd Katie – I didn’t like Katie that much before especially when I wasn’t really expecting for her to be in the live shows but as time goes by I learned to love this girl and appreciate the things she brings to the table. And ranking it, she already is my 3rd favorite amongst all.


I don’t get it why people just can’t get her, although she has an annoying personality people need to step back a bit and realize how wonderful this girl can be. And for me, she has the biggest heart of all the contestants and I admire her resilience too.


By now I think Katie herself is fed up of being in the bottom two 4 times and deep inside her she really wanted to go home by now, I feel for her and for all her haters before you say a word, know the person first.


4th Nicolo – Too bad Nicolo hasn’t able to make it or even show how good he really was because he’s the first one to be voted out of the competition but for me he is one of the best and that people just happens not to see how talented he was because he was named a “diva”. He may or may not be it doesn’t matter I just find him funny and how I wish he’d also be on tours.


5th Liam Payne (One Direction) – I loved Liam during the Auditions so I was routing for him to be in the final 12, when they didn’t mention his name in the boot camp I felt gutted but eventually he made a come back with 4 more friends so it made my day. I’m just so glad that he is the lead singer of the band although Harry is taking over now Liam will always be the lead singer that paved way for them to be in the final 12 I can say. Well I’m routing for one direction to win just because Liam is there, but how I wish he went solo of let’s say I like Harry and Zain too… I hope one direction is made up of Harry, Liam and Zain only ‘coz the other two especially Louis annoys me.


6th Rebecca Fugersson – I love Rebecca’s voice because it’s unique. But I didn’t like her shy personality at all. But I love her anyway because there’s no doubt that she has the best voice and if Cher can’t make it I hope she wins it for Cheryl…


7th Rebecca of Belle Amie – I love Rebecca of Belle Amie only because some people think I look like her lol… I personally think so myself that I look like her. Anyway, too bad they weren’t able to make it but I would have loved it even more if she is a solo artist because I didn’t like the rest of the Belle Amie except her I love her I think she’s gorgeous and can go a long way even without the rest of the girls…


8th Matt – I only liked Matt because of his falsetto but I don’t think his voice is as great as Rebecca. He’s the favorite to win the competition well, I like Matt but… I’m team Cheryl so really sorry Matt, I love you anyway.


9th Wagner – There is no doubt that I am one of the people campaigning to vote for Wagner ‘coz it is a shear fun to see somebody like him win the competition. Hahaha


10th Storm – I like Storm’s voice ‘coz it’s a bit of a Metal


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