Since all of my speculations of who are in the bottom two each week are true, I’ve decided to make a list… Logically with what I’ve observed here’s how the show will go on…

5th week

Katie Vs Treyc

Katie will win

6th week

Wagner VS Paige

Paige will win

7th Week

Paige Vs Katie

Paige will win

8th Week

Paige Vs Aiden

Aiden will win

9th week

Aiden Vs Mary

Aiden will win

10th Week

Aiden Vs Rebecca

Rebecca will win

11th week

Cher Vs One Direction

Cher will win

12th Week

Cher Vs Rebecca

Cher will win

It will be One Direction, Cher and Matt in the Finals

One Direction will have the fewest votes

It will be Cher and Matt in the final 2 showdown

Eventually Matt would win!

Well who knows, but I am a team COLE supporter!!! I’D LOVE TO SEE CHER IN THE FINALS!!!


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