I’ve been following the XFactor this year and I just wanna blog this out… 1st off, sorry that Gamu didn’t get through the competition maybe she’ll try auditioning again next year, ok setting that aside, there’s this one contestant here that intrigued me ‘coz she’s one of the most talked about contestants on Xfactor this year, it’s Cher Lloyd.

I read a lot of news about her attitude being a bully and stuff and I have been trying to take it into my system that she ain’t but with consecutive reports from some journalists somewhat I think some of this might be true having said that, this girl reminded me of my half sister which I barely talk to now. Nothing much to be said here, it reminded me of her because they are both however are products of brats but in a way they have this unique personality of being lovable and talented.

Cher is only 17 and people already keeps on slagging at her, she may or may not posses that kind of attitude but please people stop that crap! That is not an attitude show; it is a talent show, so whatever they are off screen it doesn’t matter to me… What matters is, what they bring to the table, and I enjoy Cher’s performances I’d hope she’ll get far on the competition.

At first I wanted her to win it but now… I am not so sure, I think I wanted one direction or TreyC to win it!

Anyway, I also would like to congratulate Cheryl Cole for the new album which will be released on November 2010, wait a minute next month is already November now ain’t it?! I’ll be getting one as soon as all songs have been unlocked on the website.


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