Britains Got Talent Finalist! – Reaction of an Individual outside UK


Let us start of with the winning act. From the day I saw Diversity I already knew that they can win the contest. A dance group composed of 11 members most of which are brothers. They were not just excellent dancers they got the looks and charisma as well especially their leader Ashley which I fancy now lol… I agree with Simon Cowell that what they did was a perfection, they have 11 – 25 years old members yet they did perform so well and no one was left out and everybody danced they butts of out there.

Susan Boyle

I don’t usually watch Britains Got Talent, I only watch some funny acts on youtube but since Susan Boyle auditioned I got interested and BGT since then became something I look forward to. I know Susan Boyle is a deserving winner and I have half my vote for her but I knew then from the start that she couldn’t win the competition aside from the pressure the media has laid on her shoulders, with all the attention that she got from the public it’s as if she have won already. She may not have won, but I salute Susan Boyle I like her and any album that she makes I’m surely one of the many people who’ll go out there and buy her recording. She has a nice voice and she’s indeed special.

Oh yeah I forgot, when you hear the word Britains Got Talent in Asia what comes first in their mind is “Susan Boyle”. She just brought BGT famous all through out the world and hoping she gets something back for that. =)

Julian Smith

I like this Dude, he is so humble and I knew that he got a place in the competition. I like the way he plays saxophone, it’s a joy to watch him out there. I always think that being an instrumentalist is just another talent which everybody knows about but nobody would dare to watch it by far. Having seen him on the television inspired me to be one. Julian I salute you for that.

Aidan Davis

As for my opinion if this child would have auditioned last year maybe George Samson may have got himself a competition. I voted for Aidan but I knew that his chances of winning the competition are poor because his style is not new to the public anymore. They have seen it last year and what the public wants is something new ‘coz it’s called “variety” by far. So Aidan I feel sorry for you, you are so talented and maybe if you autditioned last year you may have nailed it ‘coz the way I see it, you danced better than George Samson dude! Anyway, I also feel sorry for you ‘coz you haven’t have enough time to practice your routine and Simons comment was so harsh but no worries I know that there’s a huge future ahead of you out there and that I am your number one fan!


Shaheen is really a talented child. If I haven’t seen Aidan I may have voted for him. He can really sing and deserves a standing ovation apart from that this child amazed me with his singing voice. He can really hit high notes and everything that he sings, you just can’t take your eyes of him. But once you see Shaheen on stage it’s like he’s just another typical singer.


I didn’t know if Hollie deserves to be there ‘coz I’m not sure if she got into the finals because of pity or because of talent but way I’m sure she is talented but I know she ain’t got chance of winning. What she did may also be unbelievable gaining her strength and putting it up together again but it didn’t impress me. I feel sorry for the “guy meowing” he deserves a place in the finals.

Stavros Flatley

Also one of my favorite dancers, they just put some spice in BGT competition. I have nothing else to say about them except for that they are funny and you just love to watch them perform over and over again!


I think this group is also great dancers, but not as great as diversity though. My opinion is if diversity didn’t auditioned in the contest then maybe Susan Boyle may have won the competition lol. As for me, the thing that made diversity won is that they had a competition and that is flawless which pave way for a though competition at BGT. Looking back at the contestants, the only team having this competition is flawless and diversity running toward Susan Boyle’s recognition to the public. Flawless and Diversity were good dancers and I cannot tell them apart but during the semi-finals diversity’s performance was way ahead of flawless performance and that won the hearts of the public. But Flawless, I still admire you and I would love to see you dance again.

2 Grands

Well indeed it was touching seeing both generations on stage sing together maybe you deserve a spot in the finals but that’s just the farthest you can get and congratulations for being there. I have nothing to complain about you two except for that you may have chosen to sing the wrong song ‘coz “A whole new world” is an erotic song and it just gives me the chills a grandpa and grandchild sing it together.

Shaun Smith

I don’t know why I don’t like this dude! Yeah he may have the looks and everything but I felt like he’s only doing it to be famous and mark his name to the public it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t love what he’s doing what he loves is the fame he can get. He’s just one of the guys that I’m annoyed at, I just don’t like people who uses the “x-factor” to win the hearts of many. It doesn’t work for me. Gareth is more talented than him, Gareth should have been in the finals and not him! It’s one of those episodes that I’m really really disappointed with the result and Shaun believe me, you don’t have a place in that competition. When I see you sing, it’s like it’s so hard for you to hit the note and with the expression of your face I imagine you on a toilet bowl having a poo that couldn’t come out.


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