Reaction to IDA (Darwinius masillae)

I’m not a scientist and I know nothing about fossils or so whatever but I just want to have a say regarding the “Missing Link” scientists have discovered two years ago and thus letting out to public just now. They say that this is the well preserved fossil primate that could be an answer to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Well, it is indeed shocking to learn that they have already found that so called missing link in a 47 million years of age fossil. Reading about Ida’s story made me understand that primates were diversified into two groups which are the anthropoids and the prosimians. Anthropoids are the monkeys, apes and humans and for the prosimians as the lemurs, lorises and tarsiers what I really don’t understand is that if we came from monkeys why didn’t the monkeys living in our world now evolved with us, in this terms at around 40 million years more I begin to wonder what humans will look like and if they will still be called humans? Why did I say that? Because the monkeys now will be the ancestors of the humans 40millions years from now I would rather rationalize that these monkeys will evolve as humans and humans will also evolve as we don’t really know maybe robots and soon we will be the aliens of our own planet, lol… Anyway, I kinda believe in Charles Darwin theory of evolution I just want to congratulate the scientists who discovered this for a job well done. I just can see now that this study will be passed down through ages and it has just shed a  light to the most common confusion about human origins.


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