Own Website

Me and friends are talking about websites today and it just came to me and I told them na I am making my new website and I password protect the old one, they were like shocked hearing the thing that “I have password protected my website”, and they were like laughing out loud, ok nakakatawa naman talaga sabi sa akin nag website pa daw ako, sino man ang gustong mag view ng website ko e-mail ako at itatanong ang password ng website ko hahaha. Anyways, maybe one of the reasons why na password protect ko un luma kong website is that may mga nakilala akong mga bagong character sa buhay ko and I don’t want them to know full about me. Sa website ko kasi everything was blurted out, family history as in buong biography ko ata nandun na pati mga weaknesses ko, I made that website before only to impress the ones I wanted to be close with sa buhay ko and now close na ako sa kanila what for hehe…

Ok fine isa na rin sa mga reasons why nakapassword protect un is that I was never honest to some people and I keep telling lies oras na pinasok nila ang website ko malalaman na nila ang totoo about me, well not for the fact that when I start lying I can’t stop it anymore… well that’s the price to pay of keeping a lotta secrets and you don’t want people to know kasi…. Well…. medyo matagal tagal kong natanggap ‘to “I’m ashamed” of what they might actually think! So bakit ko nga ba ipopost kung ayaw ko ng publicity dba haha.

Well anyways, I’ll be deleting that website because it keeps a lotta stuff about me that I don’t want other people to know. I’m making a new one and I’ll make it simple this time. Hehehe abangan…


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