Shower me with your love

I am supposed to be doing my work at this time but I can’t concentrate knowing that something is bothering me and no matter how I trick my mind not to think about it, this thought keeps on hanging in my mind so I decided to make this video, just a self-expression of how I really feel.

Just today, someone talked to me about my being the numbest and most insensitive person in the world throwing  some hateful words at me and it hit me like a thunderbolt.

I am no temperamental person and I usually blurt out my emotions on poem writing. I don’t like to fight with people especially arguments. Knowing me, the way I handle things I keep it motivated and that I only fight when I see my loved ones cry.

I love to joke around, I like tricks, hang out with people who can make me laugh and people who like adventures like I do, I like to hear funny stories, watch funny movies just anything that can make me laugh satisfies me, I am happy with it as long as my face shines and knowing that I have my family and friends that can turn my frown upside down I am contended.

But there are situations when this attitude like mine would simply throw hate in someone and somehow you don’t know it unless they tell you. I usually think that actions are better than words but why did those words hurt me so much I can’t even think straight and I don’t know how to handle it or simply to show that I am not that insensitive at all. I know how you’re feeling but I simply choose to ignore it, if that makes me insensitive then I am sorry.

I was listening to this song just now and I wanted to share this to all especially I want to share this to the one person who can surely turn my frown upside down (you know who you are) I hope you like it.


3 responses to “Shower me with your love”

  1. wreckless says :

    naks naman galing artistic talaga

  2. wreckless says :

    matanong ko nga sino ba si special someone? hehe

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