Describe your 2008 in three words

Well I ain’t saying that my 2008 is another “aul lang syne” which means times gone by, of course yes but there is something unique about my 2008…

2008 for me has been quite a good year and good start, living a new life, opportunities, environment, culture and of course friends! I have learned a lot and not to mention maybe I have changed a lot too, you might as well laugh and quickly agree pointing the fats on my stomach but yeah of course my body had changed but it’s not what I’m trying to inform instead I have changed my prospective in life.

Blogging about how my 2007 has turned out to be and the New Year’s resolution I have made, I can say that I have achieved some of those now, click here

My 2008 has been quite peaceful and boring but despite that it is also exciting, a chance for me to know myself. Living away from my country made me realize how big the world is and how small the world I am living in. 2008 changed me in a lot of ways but the best realization I have considered is during this year, I have built an ambition which is my target accomplishment for the rest years to come… Thanks for the people who made me realize this, now I’m taking one step at a time just to reach that goal. I may have not accomplished a lot during this year but I was blessed and little by little some of my problems were already resolved which is why If I describe my 2008 in 3 words, “I AM BLESSED”

WELCOME 2009!!!

I ain’t writing new years resolution anymore but I promise to be true and modest to all people around me. I’ll drop the dark spot in my heart and just live life… and I’ll never forget that each new year is a new life and new opportunity!!!



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