Please answer these questions for me…

Why do I keep pushing people away even if I know they have good intentions?

Why do I ask too much even if I know I don’t deserve what I’m asking for?

Why am I so afraid of loosing when I know I can’t even win the battle I’m fighting?

Why when I think of happy thoughts I think about how we were before?

Why do I even wish about this when I know it will never gonna happen?

Why did I lie to you when I know I can’t get any benefits out of it?

Why did I make the situation complicated when I know I can make it simple?

Why did you change me, yet you changed me in ways you’ve never known?

Why do I admire you so much yet I’m not ready to open a new door for us?

Why do I like and hate you at the same time?

Why do I worry so much about the future when I can’t even handle the past?

And while I’m asking these questions,

Why do I have a picture of you in my mind?

By Rhiana


6 responses to “Please answer these questions for me…”

  1. Roslyn says :

    I too also have a lot of questions like you.

    But my favorite questions will always be — WHY THE WORLD IS SO UNFAIR?

  2. Yang says :

    yup korekek! you said it… can’t figure that out too… UNFAIR talaga AS IN… tnx sa pagvisit sa aking mahiwagang blogsite… hehehe….
    d bale para makabawi ako naman vivisit seu dyan sa place mo, handa u na yung favorite drink natin, nyahahaha

  3. wreckless says :

    why oh why do you ask too many questions? simple lang sagot sa lahat ng yan => LIVE LIFE!!! <=

  4. Yang says :

    i am living my life… its just one of those days that maybe i think… erm, i’m not so happy with it???

  5. hehe says :

    hehehe commonly asked questions, pro ang pinakamagandang tanong bakit pag kumakati kinakamot?

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