Choice is a challenge

There are struggles in life that humans have to face as they take the first step into fulfilling their dreams. Surviving in this world takes millions of courage to take that step and hence, sometimes we trip over or continue walking. Through this journey there are instances where you can walk in a cemented path, rocky roads, hanging bridge, highway, mud, sand etc. and no matter how we trip over, get scared or whoever is with us during that journey it leaves marks on the ground and when you look back you’ll soon realize if everything is worth looking back or just regret.

The biggest challenge in life is deciding of what path to partake, sometimes we are afraid to take the first step and end up not taking that step at all. We are afraid to sacrifice because practically we don’t want to regret or to get hurt.

As for me, the greatest challenge for us human beings is learning how to let go no matter how painful it seems and moving on to life.

I have yet to take billions of steps before I can reach my destination that is if I really know where to go? I have set my mind thinking that letting go is a challenge and every time I say goodbye to someone I have been within that journey I see through it that the marks on the grounds were worth looking back.

I have made many choices in life now and each choice brought me here to where I am today but there are so many roads yet I haven’t traveled and my journey is still in the row but I can’t seem to think where to go from here.

This feeling came to me again, where I have to choose between one important decision and the other. I’m afraid to take the steps because I’m afraid which path is right for me, I might get lost along the way and once I crossed that line I know there’s no turning back and I’m afraid how to take the consequences of whatever decision I will make.

I am so confused and I keep thinking about what’s ahead that journey? Each is worth traveling but I’m afraid to take that first step because I can only travel one road at a time and each road could change in a different time and I don’t want to live my life regretting and wondering what if…

Choice is mine to make… But the question is, am I up for the challenge?

I don’t know… I’m so confused!


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