Likes and Dislikes

It’s not everyday that we meet one nice person we can share our stories with, someone we came to at ease to open our secrets and say almost everything or anything under the sun.

As for me, knowing how I have suffered the pain of letting go someone I have loved, I am aloof to people which I barely know and I really don’t care at all. Anyone who don’t know me that well can say that I am damn insensitive, I barely talk and I don’t like arguments. When I talk, I speak what’s in my head and that’s it.

I don’t like a person who speaks a lot about themselves don’t talk shit about how good you are just tell me what you have done then I can see, I don’t like a person who exaggerates and I don’t like it when you talk to me sarcastically. When I notice you have these attitudes, don’t expect any attention coming from me because before you know it, I’d be kicking your guts like a trash.

I can’t stand you when you are too good to be true, when you’re humble and when like me, you barely speak too. I don’t usually start a conversation, I wait for the other party to start it then after minutes or hours of talking to you I can say if I like you or not.

I like conversing with smart people. I can be the best listener one can rely on and I can also be the worst.

Some say I’m good in giving advices; it’s up to you to judge though I don’t push to listen to someone’s stories. It depends maybe, if I don’t like you I won’t waste my time in listening with what you have to say but if I like you well I have my own way of showing you that.

I don’t like it when you talk to other peoples back in front of me there’s no point of talking. Just approach that person and tell them your concern and not being a back fighter bitch who destroys ones personality just by talking shit on the back of it. You can’t fix anything talking trash. Expect me not listen when.

Like my sisters, I admire a person who has a strong personality and obtains leadership qualities, I like it when you talk to me naturally with humor and subsist. I most enjoy it when you know how to criticize without hurting and know how to handle discussions.

Well, enough about my likes and dislikes let me just get you straight, the reason why I did this blog is because I just want you to know me.

I am not a perfect person but I always have something to say, and these little things that you’ve read is just a part of my personality which I would like to share. And now that you know, I guess you know how to approach me the next time I see yah.

Thank you for reading and I hope you understand, I’m not a brat… It’s just how I see it…


One response to “Likes and Dislikes”

  1. wreckless says :

    ewan ko pro ang maaasure ko bugnutin ‘to si yang.. wahahaha

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