If you were to kill…

Just yesterday me, alex, firdaus and carlo were talking about our weirdest imagination and it came to a point that we were asked if you were to kill, how would you do it?

For alex he said that he would tightly tie the person’s hand in a tree, hang him/her there for hours torture him/her with insect bites or “linta” or any kind of insect that sucks blood until he/she dies. For Firdaus, he said that he’d take the person’s eyes off and leave him in a room until he dies. For Carlo, he said that he’ll torture the person by his own hands watch him/her dead and laugh at him/her while seeing him/her suffer.

I wasn’t able to answer that question because I have no idea of how to kill or maybe I don’t want to kill a person but I want one person killed. The person who is responsible for all the hardship’s me and my sisters went through when we were younger.

It came to me just now; I know the word “forgiveness” indeed. But this person I just can’t forgive, when I was asked that question yesterday I was unconsciously thinking about him and I don’t know why. Maybe my unconscious mind wants him dead. I don’t want to kill because it is a sin, but if given a chance and pardon is easy how would I kill him? Of course I want him to suffer the most painful death…

My answer: Let him watch his loved one suffer until he had no other choice but kill his most precious one in his own hands… and kill himself later…

PS: Even if it will come to a point that pardon is easy or should we say killing is free, still I don’t want to kill…


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