I’m not really sure what kind of transformation happened to me these past few days, as far as I’m concerned this is one of the days that I have felt the so called “emptiness”.

… It’s all my fault!

Ganito pala ang feeling… Parang nasa dilim ako, at ang dilim dilim…


2 responses to “…”

  1. Dean says :

    kung nasa dilim ka..
    just look for your friends,,
    they may not have the light.
    but a spark may cause a huge fire..
    big enough to light the darkness,
    and maarerealize m na ang emtiness na
    nararamdaman mo., crowded pla ang paligid
    mo, empty lang kasi madalim..

    have a nice day.

  2. Yang says :

    @Dean: Tnx best… that was one nice thing to hear from a friend, kung baga nakakapawi ng pagod…. hehe tnx

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