New Years Resolution… =)

Another year has gone welcoming another year to come means awaiting changes are yet to go through. Year 2007, I can say is the most exciting and challenging year that has gone by to me except for year 2002 =) in my entire existence here in space. It seems to me that this year, so many things happened, so many people I have met, so many places I have been, so many organizations and communities and not to mention problems and obligations I have encountered, God gave me so many challenges and if you could just read my poems if you can see through some sections that it came to a point where for the first time in my life I wanted to give up life, so many inconsistencies that even my work was affected my loyalty was at stake and even I did not stand a chance to enjoy it with friends but through it all, I can say that real life is just like movies a different twist came rushing to me and it changed my life in a way you’ll never guess, blessings in disguise was right in front of my face and I did not even noticed it coming.

With all those complications, I want to ease my mind from thinking about it and just live life and be a better person. I don’t want to think and I don’t want to mention those problems anymore because at some point it ain’t a problem no more but rather acceptance.

For some reasons, I have learned something in life, something personal, some blessings that I assure you God works in different ways no matter how we ask for it he’ll always have a better plan and you just have to entrust it all to him. My religious conviction has never been this strong before but because I have survived each difficulties, hurt, frustrations, need, confusion, desperation, all these, he sure has a way of showing me he exist and I have learned to see things the positive way.

Year 2007, This is the first time I haven’t been with my family this Christmas and celebrated it with some new met friends and strangers but on the brighter side of what Christmas is really for I just think of the fact that he gave me prevalent gifts, Marshall, my sisters, my mom, my nephews and close friends that I know there would always be a reason for me to celebrate no matter where I am.

As long as I know my loved ones are safe then I have nothing to worry, I always pray for that. Just seeing them happy satisfies me, it’s more important to me than anything else I care less for the other problems already at least it eases my mind in thinking so…

This year I’m hoping that it would be a fruitful year for all of us; just what I have said I want to be a better person.

As we all know there is a good and bad side in all of us and each of us has our own dominant side of what we are and it is our choice to make. I would rather think that it is not money that makes us proud, it is the quality of people that surrounds us everyday being away from my country makes me realize that success is not determined by where you were located, I’ve seen people who has everything in life but still unhappy I have no idea what path they are traveling I have my own path and my own happiness, and this happiness is all I want to seek because this happiness is what success is to me.

I want to believe that I can do things beyond my limit I don’t strive to be a better person I just have to push. Try to keep my mind open to all possibilities and changes, push to learn new things, push for growth, push to be knowledgeable and push to know something about everything so I could be able to respond in random things.

I want to meet people who are light minded and positive thinkers, these are the people I appreciate they can make me smile. I have met some people like these already but it’s quite a few and I want to meet more, you can learn from them at least they’re a good influence on the way you think.

I’m not sure of the word “complete” anymore because at some point something will always be lacking in our lives, but they say if the door closes open your windows. I sure have lost a lot in life already but I have moved on and what they brought to me are not just mem’ries of yesterday but rather happiness which makes me smile each time I remember. I believe that you must be honest of how you’re feeling about each important person in your life; you will never know when they’ll disappear in your sight. Just always fear time, it comes so fast let every moment be worthwhile with the ones you love and I’m sure you’ll always be remembered.

If you have some person ruining your life, why waste your time being with that person? End whatever commitments you have, time is a limited resource. Ignore those people who give bad vibes in you, if you can see that they’re throwing hate in your path, don’t allow them seek for a different road the world is too big you can always find worthwhile things to come going. You can easily identify the fake people in your life; you can easily feel their motive, sweep out the dust on your shoulders because as far as you’re concerned, dust is dirt.

Believe in Karma, anything you do comes back to you, payback is a bitch… Justice always prevails… You have to remember “they can never put a good man down”.

If you have dream, go for it start working on it. As what I have said time is a limited resource, seize the day. Nothing can be done while you were standing still you have to move your right foot forward and the next, the rest is history.

And this incoming year, 2008… I’d push to be a better person…. 😀


I want to express my thanks and gratitude to these people who made my 2007 worthwhile…

My Family

Rubylette, Richelle, Marshall, Wyatt, Vincent(humabol sa 2007 hehe), My Mom, BangBang, Cheryl, Tin Tin, Charlie, Cholo, Charisse, Charmie, Empoy, Judy, Tita Weng, Papa, JP for the support and being a family…

My new met friends, my old friends na hindi nawala at nandyan palagi kahit sa friendster or chat lang nakasupporta prin…

Cholo P, Amybelle E, Dhia O, Anna R, Dean O, JP U, Ate Carms, Djan C, A Boni, Daniel P, Karl C.

E-AppraiseIT Staff kahit na too short a date ang stay ko sa e-App(1 month lang ata), still you made my stay worthwhile and shared good mem’ries with me… Kahit chat nalang, hindi nawala ang communication natin, e-Appsters.. hehe

Ate She, Carol, Rd, Harvey, Kuya Jayson, Kuya Ryan, Kuya Steph, Kuya John

Also sa e-Telecare Friends, kahit na 2 weeks ko lang kau nakasama, still may communication prin at d nyo ako nakakalimutan pati nrin sa AMA Staff kahit na 9 days lang with yahoo everything is possible, hehe…

Dang, Jaypee, Rowell, W, Kulot, Teacher D(hehe)

Sa mga tao sa simbahan/Community…

My Informatics Family, naku sobrang dami dito… Kahit na sobrang dami kong inconsistencies d2, eto ang pinakaminahal kong companyang pinasukan ko. Sabi ko nga with yahoo everything is possible kahit na cyber ko nalang kau nakakausap ngaun, hindi hindi kau mawawala sa puso ko(naks).. hehe

Sa mga idol kong sina Mam Jane, Mam Grace, Mam Gracelyn at Mam Windie…

Colleagues Mam Nancy, Ms. Ana(Info), Ms. Rina, Mam Reg, Sir James, Sir Joey, Sir Daniel, Sir Chris, Ms. Sahcheeh, Sir Dwight, Sir Jason, Sir Rex, Sir Robert, Ms. Via, Ms. Ana(SM), Ms. Pilar, Ms. Sheryl, Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Carla, Mr. Bobby, Mam Reece at sa lahat lahat…

At sa lahat ng naging students ko (SM at NG)…

Sa Rennovo Solutions, best wishes for all of us, a new beginning and a fruitful year for us this 2008… ***Cheers***

My colleagues Hjh, Carlo, Firdaus, Mr. Wong, Mr. Hji

Sa new met friends dito sa brunei Carlo, Firdaus(tnx for showing us brunei), Hjh(Tnx for d stories), Kay Funky, Penny, Maybel, Nakata, Marlon, Romel, Rico, Marlon, Chinese Guy(forgot d name), Ally, Fies, Muis etc.

Salamat sa pakikiramay, salamat sa pagiging kaibigan, salamat sa kwentuhan, tawanan at higit sa lahat salamat sa good mem’ries and I’m hoping that that’s not the end of everything, one day we cross each others path again and I’m hoping that day would still be another day of good mem’ries…

Thanks for being a part of my life… =)

I treasure each and every one of you…







8 responses to “New Years Resolution… =)”

  1. rhiana13 says :

    happy new year din… 🙂

  2. d3ankalel says :

    nu yr hapi… wherever u are.. ur friends is just a click away,,,

  3. Tin says :

    yang, long time no vists sa blog mo dami ko na palang namiss.. na miss ko ‘to bakasyon kasi kaya ganun.hehe
    anywayz hapinewyear, we’re always here para seu don’t worry… miss u, labu.. 😉

  4. rhiana13 says :

    @d3ankalel: tnx.. hehe

  5. rhiana13 says :

    @Tin: long time.. hehe tnx hehe.. miss ko na dyan.. =)

  6. wreckless says :

    whoooshoooooo…. stereotype

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