How to say goodbye without breaking a heart…

As what I have said, I’m torn between one important person and another; let me rephrase my sentence “I’m torn between one important decision and another”. Occasions arise when we fail to see the danger signals that can wreck our passion and it is healthier to just stop it than to keep it going. Choosing one important person over the other doesn’t make the other party less priority, honest to goodness the other party is more important to me but I have to make sacrifices. This is it, this is what I have been avoiding but it keeps on coming back to me. I guess I am really destined for this decision, and now it seems like I have no other choice but to leave…

Sometimes we refuse to think about what we consequently have in life and we never learn the procedures for correctly handling the aspect of life. Much of the pain I have encountered in life is saying goodbye, that’s even the reason why I shy away from human affections, I am afraid to get close to someone because either of us will eventually leave and I dread that fervor because I know how much it hurts.

Perhaps there are some things beyond our control, and we as individuals’ beckons with the journey of what life has to offer us. I know no gentle way of how to say goodbye without breaking somebody’s heart but eventually I will have to…

I hope everybody will understand why I made this choice especially my family and those people who served as a family to me…

My decision now is final and I think that this decision will be beneficial to everyone I cared for.

Now, I’m asking everyone who cares to be just happy for me…


5 responses to “How to say goodbye without breaking a heart…”

  1. bebang says :

    i’ll be happy for you. whatever that is. =)

  2. Wreckless says :

    sasama ka na ba sa tatay mo? ur leaving… I’m happy you finally made your final decision…

  3. rhiana13 says :

    @ bebang: thank you for being so nice…

  4. rhiana13 says :

    @ wreckless: nope… thank you…

  5. Wreckless says :

    hmmm… nothing more, nothing less… I huess you’re really leaving… We’ll miss you

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