Why reply to text messages?

As we all know, texts or calls are meant for sending and receiving messages. Through years communication has evolved and today, it has been made easy due to cell phones… on second thought; I think we are lacking one issue in text messages, the way we reply to it. There is one issue in text messaging that popped up in my mind just now and I just want you guys to know…

“The way we reply when someone sends us messages”

There are some situations when we send someone a message and they don’t even accommodate the message we are sending, we don’t know if they have accepted the message or not, honest to goodness, I hate those people I really do… specially the ones who gives you their number and when you send them messages they don’t even reply to it, I FIND IT VERY UNPROFESSIONAL.

For quotes, it is an exception not to reply to it because in one day you could possibly receive too many quotes to reply for… but however, in self formulated text messages even if the message is just “hi” or “hello” you should have at least ACCOMMODATE the message.

What for?

Because you might not observed it the person who sent you that message is waiting for your reply, what’s the sense of sending that without a reply?

It is still a message and you MUST respond to it… That’s what communication is all about. Just think of it like the person is right in front of you, if the person says hi what would you do? of course respond to it else you will be sending NEGATIVE INTUITION to the person and the person will feel bad for your not responding to the message he/she is trying to send you. You may say that the person is not worth replying for or the person is not at your level that’s why you don’t reply, the person is not your type, the person is not your friend, no matter what reason it has or it is, you must AT LEAST ACCOMMODATE the message BE PROFESSIONAL!

You may say, your phone is not loaded… Hello!!! What’s the reason you bought that phone anyway, DO NOT GIVE YOUR NUMBER IF YOU CAN’T SUSTAIN IT! DO NOT GIVE YOUR NUMBER IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE IT! DO NOT GIVE YOUR NUMBER IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO REPLY! Really, I find it very unprofessional and unethical!!!

Tamaan na kung sino tamaan… lahat naman siguro tayo dito may pinag-aralan!!! I admit I usually not reply to messages too, but now I know the value of it and I’m trying to accommodate every message I receive because I have known what’s it like, and I have known what impression you are sending to the person… Bottom line is, YOU MUST AT LEAST BE PROFESSIONAL!



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