The most treasured

I didn’t realize it then but I realized it now how lucky I am to be my sister’s sister. See, I grew up with my grandparents and my favorite aunt, when I was a child I was separated with my family and I used to live with my grandma and grandpa, they were the ones whom I loved the most and they were my reason of living in this world, when my grandfather died it was my grandmother who took the responsibility of taking care of me. Not so long ago, she died too. Well, nothing more in this world hurt me the most than that instance of my life, three years ago my favorite aunt who also took care of me when I was a child died, since then I really feared loosing the ones I love and what’s on my mind is “it’s better not loving a person than loosing them (you may not know it but it really hurts deep down inside)”. In my mind, the primary family I have is my grandma and my grandpa so with my aunt, not realizing that I still have a father, a mother and sisters as family to me.

I didn’t gave my family a chance to get close to me, I know I love them too but I fear getting close to them because I’m afraid of letting go someone I have learned to treasure. Eventually, I have to live with them and there’s that chance of getting to know, well I have hard time because we always quarrel and we have a lot of misunderstandings not to mention also undertakings, I know I love my sisters but I just don’t show it because I’m not that showy type, me and my sisters lived for almost 8 years now and I haven’t realized then how lucky I am having them.

Of all those years, I realized now that they are the ones who were really there when I needed them the most. There are so many instances in my life that I have involved them unnoticeably, in my troubles, in my pains, in disciplining me. They have contributed a lot to my life which makes me what I am now. You see, I have never seen anybody who is willing to sacrifice everything just for me, anybody but my sisters and I am so thankful for having them in life.

Well, seems like I’d probably be loosing them in time… Separating ways and finding our own paths and joys… but to my sisters, I will always be happy for you even if in time we just have to separate ways… your love will always be my remedy and I can’t find enough words to say how thankful I am for having you in my life.



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