A question that needs a just answer

Now I know why I always have that f*ckn hard time staying in a company, I have been thinking a lot of reasons and out of all those reasons I have found the most valid… Maybe because I cannot find a motivation for myself, I cannot find an inspiration to make me stay…What had happened to me?

When I was still a student, I am usually one of the top pointers in class, this is because way back I have my motivation, ever since they died, I have lost it and I usually cannot render any trust or loyalty to anyone anymore, it seems to me that leaving is just a part of life that somehow people always do and when they do it hurts, so before I fall in love to something or someone I have learned liking I usually say goodbye, this has become a problem to me. I AM AFRAID TO GET CLOSE TO SOMEONE. Do you think this has something to do with me not rendering my full loyalty to a company?

What better remedy must I do?


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